Data Shuttle with Infinity

Data Shuttle is a variant of Infinity Data Migrator and, as it, can be offered both as a feature (when destination is Infinity Data Director) or as a service (migrate and remove using Infinity Data Migration).

It allows to transparently move data across different sites when network is not able to cope with the data transfer rate required to perform the migration.

In this scenario the needs are:

  • Transfer a large amount of data between different sites bypassing the network

  • Keep access for clients on source system

  • Allow access to data that has been moved to remote site as soon as data has been synchronized (i.e. ”shuttle completed”)

Or, in other words, by physically sending a storage device across sites and then re-synchronize content transparently.

For example it can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Initial data synchronization between branch and remote sites (i.e. “baseline” transfer)

  • Move of large amount of data between sites

  • Creation of a Disaster Recovery data set when destination site is isolated (not accessible by network

As the migration, Data Shuttle can be used to move data to a wide spectrum of devices and locations without your clients and applications noticing it. Or, in other words, your data looks like never moved and the original access point for your applications and users is preserved.

You can find a short video explaining how it works here.