Infinity FileSystem Gateway for EMC Centera

Infinity Data Director can turn into your own FileSystem Gateway for CAS storage (EMC Centera)!

Infinity Data Director (IDD) is able to use EMC Centera as storage device and can be used as a "CAS Gateway” for applications that need a multi-protocol access to it.


IDD acts as a simple client that performs file storage and retrieval operations to or from EMC Centera using proprietary Centera API to give transparent access via CIFS / NFS / S3 / HTTP to clients and applications. 


All data files written to Infinity Storage volume are saved on Centera automatically.

Data Compliance (including WORM and other features) is set and preserved by IDD that can enforce the proper data retention on all levels of storage, including Centera.  


In short, IDD can be seen as gateway for Centera. Existing applications can be read/write to Centera by addressing Infinity Storage volumes. By using this method existing applications don’t need to be modified to use Centera API since they can use any of the supported protocols provided by IDD.

This allows to respond to data regulation needs coping with rules such as Sarbanes–Oxley, SEC 17a–4, CNIPA, NASD 3110 (now FINRA), DOD 5015 and HIPAA.


The following picture summarizes how it works.



Also, Infinity Data Director can be used to migrate data from EMC Centera to a different storage technology. This procedure requires an analysis of existing environment.

For more information you can contact us  or consult the "Infinity Data Director CAS Gateway for EMC Centera" overview in the documentation page.