Infinity Data Director - Gateway for Object Storage

Infinity Data Director can act as Gateway for Object Storage! Supporting multiple vendors.

Infinity Data Director (IDD) is able to use Object Storage as storage device so it can be used as a Gateway for applications that donít have native Object Storage capabilities and need a multi-protocol access to it.


IDD acts as a simple client that performs file storage and retrieval operations to and from Object Storage using API to give transparent access via CIFS / NFS / S3 / HTTP to clients and applications. All data files written to Infinity Storage volumes are saved to Object Storage automatically, according to defined ILM policies (achieving a full scale data tiering).


In short, IDD can be seen as gateway for the Object Storage. Existing applications can read/write to Object Storage by addressing Infinity Storage volumes. By using this method existing applications donít need to be modified to use API since they can use any of the supported protocols provided by IDD. For example Data Compliance (including WORM and other features) can be set by IDD that can enforce the proper data retention on all levels of storage.

With selected Object Storage vendors itís also possible to enhance these compliance features achieving even deeper integration.   


IDD works as an independent gateway, beside existing ones if they exist. For example when special features are needed for a specific subset of data and these are not available natively from the Object Storage vendor.  


IDD allows use disk storage as primary tier and thus enabling data caching on fast access devices (disk, in various flavors like SDD or SATA). This is particularly useful when performances are critical or when we have distributed environments with multiple sites involved.

As in the general approach: its capabilities can be extended via additional modules as:

    • Data replication or Mirroring (local and remote) Ė with Infinity Data Continuity
    • High Availability Ė with Infinity Data Continuity

The following picture summarizes how it works.



Last but not least  Infinity Data Director can be used to transparently migrate data from an existing storage solution (NAS for example) to a different storage technology, Object Storage for example.

This it becomes not only an important add-on but also a true and great enable for the adoption of Object Storage solutions in the enterprise.

For more information you can contact us  or consult the "Infinity Data Director Gateway for Object Storage" overview in the documentation page.