Data Tiering and ILM with Infinity Data Director

Imagine if you can move your data freely across multiple device, sites and environments. Wouldn't you call it "Data Freedom"?

Well...Data Tiering is a built-in feature of infinity Data Director.

It allows to transparently move data across a wide spectrum of devices (disk, object storage, tape, etc…) and locations without your clients and applications noticing it.

Or, in other words, your data looks like never moved and the original access point for your applications and users is preserved.

With this, you can move data on the storage devices where is more appropriate at the particular point in time of data lifecycle. Why should you keep inactive data on a fast (and expensive) primary storage system?

And what about using an external provider for temporary data instead of buying disk?

By using Infinity Data Director in this scenario you can:

  • Allow data to be transparently moved where is needed and when is needed automatically (Your Data, Where You Want, When You Want)

  • Create your own Data Management policies (also called Information Lifecycle Management, ILM)

  • Enable data tiering to other storage devices in the environment (being local or remote)

  • Enable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery across different sites

  • Use external storage resources (like public clouds providers or hyperscalers like AWS)


* Supported cloud and OSD targets include:

Cloudian HyperStore

Amazon AWS

IBM Cloud Object Storage (ICOS)

NetApp StorageGRID Webscale

Other S3-compatible storage devices

EMC Centera

EMC Atmos

A product description can be found here

A short video highlighting how Data Tiering works can be found here.