Distributed Environments and Gateways to Cloud

Imagine we do have to address the case of having multiple sites and multiple data ingestion points. Data often need to be kept locally for a certain amount of time (i.e. "local cache") and to be protected with a copy in a central datacenter or in an external cloud infrastructure.

Infinity Data Director can be the client mount points in multiple sites, acting as a gateway to a central datacenter or an external cloud provider.

In this scenario each site has its own gateway that allows:

  • Local data storage via NFS/CIFS/S3/FTP protocols

  • Local cache (normally disk but we can also add other types of devices if needed). Cache size can be tuned to any need (small, medium, large, using server disks or external storage system.

  • Each cache device can be configured as multiple volumes

  • Each volume has independent ILM configuration and can tier/move data to other devices (local or datacenter or cloud)

A possible scenario is summarized in the following diagram:

As mentioned, beside being able to send data to and from datacenters and remote sites, Infinity Data Director can manage to interact with most common Object Storage (for example at Service Provides) or Hyperscalers (like AWS).

In current release Infinity Data Director supports many Object Storage Solutions like:
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • NetApp StorageGrid Webscale
  • Cloudian HyperStore
  • EMC Centera & EMC Atmos
  • Etc...