Add File Services for Block Storage with Infinity

Turn your storage into a powerful NAS system with data efficiency and ILM capabilities!

This is the typical scenario when you have a bunch of block storage systems (SAN or DAS) and you would like to extend their data management capabilities.

You can do it by simply putting the whole storage system or just some parts of it (some LUNs for example) under management of Infinity Data Director.

By using Infinity Data Director in this scenario you can:

  •  Enable file system services for clients providing NFS/CIFS (and even S3) access to block storage

  • Enable data tiering to other storage devices in the environment. All Infinity Data Management features are made available instantly

  • Enable your storage to use data efficiency capabilities like deduplication and compression and achieve space savings

  • Extend the use of your storage system across your whole datacenter

  •  Enable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery across different sites