Infinity Data Continuity

Infinity Data Continuity is an add-on module to Infinity Data Director that enables to extend its ability to protect your data by adding High Availability and Mirror capabilities.

The Mirror component allows a transparent and automated content replication and itís ideal to implement Disaster Recovery procedures (for example to a remote site). Mirror can be tuned to work together with other components in the storage infrastructure. Itís possible to choose what to replicate (which volume, data, pointers only), when and where. Itís also possible to create any combination of replication between sites for a greater flexibility in your deployments.

The High Availability component allows a transparent and automated fail-over between two instances of infinity Data Director. In this way a failure is automatically recovered via a resources takeover. This normally happens within a site.

Of course itís also possible to combine both Mirror and High Availability to get the most powerful combination to protect your data and ensure your business will never stop.