Infinity Data Director

Infinity Data Director is an enterprise-class software-defined data management solution that transforms heterogeneous storage resources (local or remote) into a seamless and unified storage hierarchy.

It’s the core module of Infinity Data software suite and provides file system and object services for connecting applications to different types of back-end storage devices. Or, in other words, it acts as a “bridge between different worlds”.

In fact, it acts as a gateway that can enable data movement between different device types and classes.

It provides natively the following features and capabilities:

  • CIFS, NFS, HTTP, S3 and FTP access for applications (clients)

  • Global namespace with powerful, policy-based data placement capabilities (ILM)

  • Support for heterogeneous storage devices including:

  • Disk with various protocols (providing storage efficiency capabilities like deduplication, compression, etc…)

  • Tape with middleware or via our Infinity Tape File System (TFS)

  • Object Storage (supporting: NetApp StorageGrid Webscale, Cloudian HyperStore, IBM Cloud Object Storage, EMC Atmos, HDS HCP and others) , including CAS (EMC Centera)

  • External cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS)


A single Data Director supports multiple storage targets (disk, tape, Object Storage) concurrently

  • Support for multiple level of cache (disk to disk to «Cloud» for example)

  • Storage resources pooling  with dynamic provisioning and quota management

  • Transfers of data in its native format, preventing technology lock-in

  • Intelligent Data tiering and archiving

  • Non-disruptive data migration from existing storage environment to Infinity Data Director or to another storage environment

  • Seamless integration with customer environment security (Active Directories and  LDAP support)

  • Allows access to own data via mobile devices (iOS and Android as of now)

Infinity Data Director capabilities can be extended via additional modules:

Infinity Data Director can be deployed either as Virtual Machine or as an Appliance. License model is per managed unique capacity (Terabyte).

A product description can be found here

A short video presenting Infinity Data Director can be found here