Infinity Data Migration

In general migrating data between different storage infrastructures is a real challenge for IT departments. Data migration is often a lengthy and costly activity and might be a dangerous and time-consuming job.

Infinity Data Migration automates migration as a non-disruptive background task, while maintaining I/O bandwidth for clients and applications. Utilizing a global namespace, it provides continuous virtualized client access to storage volumes during the entire migration process without downtime and without affecting users.

Infinity Data Migration allows to transparently migrate your data from your existing environment to Infinity Data Director or to another target (NAS or Object Storage) when Infinity Data Director is not part of your plans for your storage environment.  

Or, in other words, It is offered both as a feature (i.e. to move data to Infinity Data Director, and in this case is complimentary) or as a service (migrate and remove Infinity Data Director, measured as service effort).

This makes introducing our solutions to your environment as smooth as possible by providing:  

  • No down time. Application data remains in production throughout migration process.
  • No client reconfiguration required. This can reduce migration times by as much as 90%, speeding upgrades, consolidations, and storage platform changes.
  • No impact on user access. Powerful policies can automate the movement of entire file systems or just individual files between heterogeneous storage devices for both NFS and CIFS-oriented data.
  • (optional) Move large amount of data between different sites with no impact on the network. This variant is called Data Shuttle and is described here.


But how does it work?

We can spot 3 main phases in the migration process:

1.       Introduce Infinity to your environment (“Cut-in”)

2.       Migrate data transparently to new target system and then remove current storage system (“Cut-over”)

3.       Remove Infinity from your environment (“Cut-out”) and migration is done

In case your new target system is Infinity Data Director, you simply don’t perform the “Cut-out” phase.


A short product description can be found here.

A short vido highlighting Infinity Data Migrator can be found here.