Our Solutions

Infinity Storage offers an enterprise-class suite of software-defined storage solutions that transform heterogeneous storage resources (local or remote) into a seamless and unified storage hierarchy.

Our solutions provide transparent logical access to data regardless of storage vendor, file system or physical location in the storage hierarchy, while automating the placement, migration and replication of data throughout the infrastructure.

All this is managed by the data placement policies you define (Information Lifecycle Management or ILM).

We propose the following solutions:

  • Infinity Data Director is the core module and is aimed at the enterprise. Its features allow you to achieve full control of your data life cycle and leverage all your storage resources as a single pool.
  • Infinity Data Continuity  is an additional module that extends the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capabilities of Infinity Data Director. It adds High Availability and Mirror (or data replication, both local and remote).
  • Infinity Data Compliance is an additional module that enables compliant data retention for Infinity Data Director (according to Sec17a-4 rule) on different device types.
  • Infinity Data Migration is an additional module that enables transparent data migration between different storage systems. It is a built-in feature of Infinity Data Director but it can also be used as a service to perform data migration wherever Infinity Data Director is not used permanently.
  • Infinity  Free gateway is a 100% free software that allows you to use most of the features we offer. You can deploy and turn your storage into a true hybrid solution using both disk and cloud or Object Storage. It comes with pre-licensed disk and cloud space and you get best effort mail support for free! It can be upgraded to any storage volume or extra feature by purchasing the corresponding license.