Software Solutions

If you would like to test our solutions in your environment, we can provide you with the proper package, installation instructions  and a time-limited demo license for all the features you need.

If you decide to turn it into a Proof of Concept, we can assist you througout the process.

Simply contact us at: to receive the link and password to download Infinity Storage software packages.

Our solutions come as a Virtual Machine (VM) that can simply be deployed into an existing virtualized environment.

For demo and Proof of Concept a simple VMWare ESXi hypervisor is sufficient (ESXi 5.1 and above). KVM is also an option. Amount of resources (CPU, RAM and disk) can be tuned according to your test needs.

We supply a demo license for this purpose that is valid for a limited period (can be extended on demand, if needed)

How to request access to software and a DEMO license:


- Name and surname

- Company name and address

- Telephone number and e-mail address

We will follow-up with all needed information and provide credentials to access our software download page.